Starry night sky at Hideaway Domes

We love the planet and our beautiful property, and we are proud to honour our commitment to the environment whilst we host our luxurious, ecofriendly, off the grid and sustainable dome accommodation.

We chose geodesic dome glamping accommodation because it allows us to cast a minimal footprint on the environment, whilst still providing our guests with a unique, indulgent, and comfortable stay.

In keeping with Eco sustainability each dome is supplied with its own rainwater tank for showering and kitchen use. We ask for your support in ensuring there is no water wastage and that you keep your water usage to a minimum during your stay. Drink water is readily available through the drinking water dispensers installed in each dome.

All your dome needs are proudly run-on solar power, and solar power alone. There is ample power for your lighting, water heating and cooling/heating needs. Our toilets are managed through a sensitive water treatment system, ready for recycling the water back into the paddock. and is another example of our commitment to the environment (Please see our FAQs and Terms and Conditions regarding septic dos and don’ts).

Our secluded off the grid offering and commitment to solar power means that you may not use a hair dryer, straightener or bring any other electrical appliance.

Please note that if you attempt to plug any of these items into the dome’s outlets, your power will automatically cut off and you will be without power until a specialist tradesperson can fix the problem. This will be explained to you before you arrive. If unapproved items are accidentally used, and outages occur, you will be charged the fees for the attending tradesperson. (Please see our Terms and Conditions)

We therefore suggest you leave your hairdryer and straighteners at home, but for those of you who need a little preening or pampering before heading out on a winery tour or other activity, we will happily provide you with a list of hairdressers who may be able to take your booking.

For those of you just getting back to nature and escaping the world, bring a brush and your favourite hat, the animals don’t mind what you look like.

Hideaway Domes, Mudgee
Picture James Horan
Hideaway Domes, Mudgee
Picture James Horan
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The Country is calling

Immerse yourself in nature, eco-friendly luxury and heavenly serenity and privacy as you disengage from the everyday in our stunning dome glamping accommodation.

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